Community members in Isiolo County Listen to extension officer

As communication professionals, we are often tasked to reach out to a diverse audience with the skills that we have. It’s important because we are equipped.

But having worked with communities in Northern Kenya, I have realized that its crucial to develop a simple guide that local champions in the water sector can be trained on.

Creating a network in Water Resources User Groups requires communication to be acknowledged as a strategic function as opposed to supporting function.

This is why we worked on communication guide to allow communities to lead the process at their level.

My hope is that this can be used by all those who are working with communities in natural resource management.

I’d like to thank Peter Hetz, Director of Laikipia Wildlife Forum, for his support, and friendship.

Special thanks to Jacob Baraza: Project Coordinator CESPAD and Rene van Lieshout: Senior Program Manager, IRC 

Please find the Guide Here